Residential Polyaspartic Floor Coating

One of Colorful Concrete Solutions’ options for breathing new life into your home’s concrete floors is our Polyaspartic floor coating. This coating offers many benefits, including durability and enhanced beauty. Polyaspartic floor coating is the perfect solution for concrete flooring that is cracked, pitted, or slightly uneven. The coating also provides UV resistance, improves traction, and comes in a variety of colors. Making the choice to add concrete coatings to your floors can extend their life by many years and make the concrete much more functional and attractive in the process. Our residential Polyaspartic floor coating might just be the ultimate fix for aging concrete floors in and around your Milwaukee home.   

What Is Polyaspartic Floor Coating?

A Polyaspartic coating system is a type of hearty, stain-resistant sealant, and it serves as an alternative to epoxy coatings. Both add strength and durability to concrete floors, but Polyaspartic floor coatings are generally much longer lasting than epoxy. Indeed, the Polyaspartic option offers superior protection against the elements, making it a clear choice for concrete garage floors and other outdoor applications, such as walkways and patios. It is also a wonderful option for indoor concrete spaces, such as basements and rec rooms, that you want to protect against foot traffic for years to come.   

Vinyl Chip Option

Though Polyaspartic floor coating has a lot to offer on its own, there is another option for taking it up another notch: Adding vinyl chips. This option provides a multi-colored, multi-dimensional, decorative texture to the surface of the concrete flooring. 

Depending on the look you want, you can choose from standard ¼” chips, 1/16” chips, and a combination of the two. Colorful Concrete Solutions stands out from our competitors with this offering as most only use the larger size. Our diverse options allow for many visual and texture variations. 

When you choose the vinyl chip option, we apply your floor coating through a three-layer process:

  1. A tan or gray tinted Polyaspartic basecoat
  2. A heavy vinyl chip broadcast 
  3. A clear Polyaspartic topcoat (this coat is where the slip-resistant aggregate can be added).

Rely On Colorful Concrete Solutions To Apply Your Polyaspartic Floor Coating

The concrete professionals at Colorful Concrete Solutions have the experience and knowledge you want for this home improvement project. Our decorative concrete is not only beautiful but long-lasting, making it a smart investment for the value of your home. For a free consultation and estimate on our polyaspartic floor coating for your interior or exterior floors, contact us today!