Residential Polyaspartic Chip Systems

Colorful Concrete Solutions’ (CCS) residential polyaspartic chip systems are designed to both strengthen and beautify concrete flooring. We take boring gray concrete and turn it into stunning and stylish flooring for your basement, garage, entryways, and even living rooms and kitchens. With the visual appeal that polyaspartic chip systems offer, you may rethink your concrete floor options for more areas of your Milwaukee home. 

What Are Polyaspartic Chips? 

Polyaspartic chips are an optional add-on to our floor coating systems. When you choose the polyaspartic chip system, a generous broadcast of colored chips will be applied beneath the clear topcoat so they can shine through. While all of our concrete coatings and floorings are designed to improve strength and durability, polyaspartic chips also provide a tremendous amount of visual appeal. These chips are made of vinyl and add color, dimension, and texture to the concrete surface. Additionally, they further provide customizable traction and grip, making the floor that much safer. 

Chip Sizing Options

Colorful Concrete Solutions offers polyaspartic chips in a few different sizing options. First, we offer ¼” chips, which are considered the standard sizing for such chip additions. We also offer smaller 1/16” chips, often used on patios and pool decks. Unlike others, however, CCS provides a special hybrid option you will not find from our competitors: A combination of the two sizes. Each option provides a different visual outcome, with the larger chips presenting as larger splotches of color and the smaller ones appearing as more of a consistent, sand-type pattern throughout. The combo option offers an interesting alternative that covers more of the concrete surface in a flowing and unique pattern.      

What Residential Polyaspartic Chip Systems Have To Offer 

Polyaspartic floor coating systems consist of all the components needed to strengthen and beautify the concrete floors inside and outside of your home. Specifically, we apply a polyaspartic basecoat that makes the floor UV resistant and bonds directly with your concrete’s porous surface. Then, we add the vinyl chips to your specifications in terms of sizing and color. Finally, we apply a clear topcoat that allows the chips to show through. Together, these layers offer an elegant solution for cracked, pitted, and uneven concrete flooring.  

Colorful Concrete Solutions Can Perfect Your Home’s Concrete Floors

To learn more about our residential polyaspartic chip systems, contact Colorful Concrete Solutions today. We offer free quotes on all of our services, including polyaspartic flooring systems. We also offer generous financing options with as little as 0% interest, making your vision of concrete coating only a click or call away.