Residential Concrete Coating Milwaukee

Colorful Concrete Solutions coats and polishes both interior and exterior residential concrete. Our coatings are durable and decorative, adding beauty, functionality, and shine to your Milwaukee area home’s concrete floors. These concrete coatings also add security with their slip resistant texture, making them perfect for areas that you commonly walk through. Additionally, this service is ideal for concrete floors that have incurred dents, pitting, and cracks as Colorful Concrete Solutions’ crews are able to fill in these imperfections and provide new life to your basement, garage, patio, porch, pool deck, workshop, and other concrete floor surfaces.

Our Concrete Coating Process

First, we tape off all adjacent areas that will not be included in the project to avoid coating other materials and to meet established quality standards. We then fill in any cracks in the concrete floor using a diamond grinder. This step enables even adhesion for the coating. Our crew will then thoroughly clean the entire area to further improve application and adhesion. A Polyaspartic basecoat is then spread across the flooring, providing UV resistance and grip for the concrete.

After these preparations are made, we apply generous broadcasting of vinyl chips according to your color and size specifications. After that, we remove any excess chips and prep the area for the Polyaspartic topcoat. We can add aggregate compound to this coating for slip resistance, but keep in mind that heavy aggregate can make the concrete more difficult to clean.

Finally, we clean up the space by removing all installation debris, leaving just a beautiful, perfectly chip coated floor behind.

Process Time

How long can you expect the steps of this coating and drying process to take? Here are some general guidelines, but keep in mind that actual times vary depending on weather conditions.

  • 1-3 Hours: Begins to dry and tack up
  • 18-24 Hours: Able to withstand light to normal foot traffic
  • 24-72 Hours: Able to withstand short term vehicle parking (no more than 12 hours), and lightweight objects may be gently set down on the concrete  
  • 7-15+ Days: Long-term vehicle parking is permissible, including ATVs, riding lawn mowers, snow blowers, and other heavy objects.

Easy To Clean Concrete

One of the main advantages of Polyaspartic coating systems is how positively they contribute to cleaning. In fact, they are known for making concrete flooring significantly easier to clean and maintain. You will just need to follow some simple care, cleaning, and maintenance guidelines for your coated concrete floors. Additionally, our coatings provide UV stability that contributes to no discoloration, chipping, bubbling, or peeling. Our limited lifetime warranty guarantees it! 

Polyaspartic Chips vs Polyaspartic (non-vinyl) Coating

The Polyaspartic chips mentioned above provide a decorative, multi-color texture to the concrete surface. These chips are designed for use with epoxy, urethane, polyurea, and polyaspartic-based flooring. 

The choice to add chips to your coating results in a three-layer, three-step process, as described above. However, if you choose Polyaspartic coating without vinyl chips, a step is eliminated and only the tinted basecoat will be visually apparent. 

Chip Sizing

Unlike many of our competitors, we provide two size options for our chips: ¼” and 1/16”. The smaller size is considered ideal for outdoor concrete, such as that found in patios, sidewalks, and pool decks. It is also commonly used in retail settings.

Our most popular option is actually a combination of the two sizes. This option offers a dimensional look and is stunning in garages, basements, and other indoor concrete. 

Choose Colorful Concrete Solutions For Residential Concrete Coating

We are your experienced concrete coating company in Milwaukee and surrounding areas. We provide abundant options for customization for both appearance and utility of your concrete floor coating. Our coatings are strong enough to withstand heavy foot and tire traffic while being beautiful enough for interior living spaces. Before you even think about replacing cracked or chipped concrete, contact us to learn more about how our residential concrete coating services can breathe new life into your concrete floors!