Commercial Polyaspartic Flooring

If you own a business in Milwaukee that features concrete flooring, you have probably noticed signs of wear and tear from heavy foot traffic. Concrete has a tendency to crack and develop pits, making it uneven over time. This tendency is only exacerbated by higher numbers of people walking over it day in and day out. And these concerns apply to both your business’s interior and exterior concrete floors. Thankfully, Colorful Concrete Solutions offers commercial Polyaspartic flooring to liven up, protect, and strengthen your concrete. 

What Are The Benefits Of Polyaspartic Flooring?

Polyaspartic flooring refers to a durable and stain-resistance coating that serves similar purposes to epoxy coating but with higher quality and longer-lasting results. Polyaspartic sealant offers protection against chemicals and elements. It also provides UV resistance as well as traction and grip to prevent dangerous slips. Additionally, it comes in a variety of UDT concrete dye options so you can emphasize the intended aesthetic of your commercial space. The superior, long-lasting protection it provides against heavy foot traffic is definitely one of the primary benefits of Polyaspartic floor coating for a customer-facing storefront.  

The coating process consists of an application of a tinted Polyaspartic basecoat and a clear topcoat that can have slip-resistant aggregate added to it. 

An Additional Option: Vinyl Chips

Any Polyaspartic flooring can have vinyl chips added to it for improved color variation, multi-dimensionality, and additional texture. These chips strengthen the floor’s overall traction while being visually striking and unique. At Colorful Concrete Solutions, we offer different chip sizes to choose from, each providing a different look and style. We have the standard ¼” chip, 1/16” chip, and a mixture of the two sizes for a unique offering not found with most competitors. These chips, with their many color and visual texture variations are where you can really show off your business’s style. 

The vinyl chip option adds one step to the Polyaspartic coating process. Between steps one and two described above, we will broadcast a heavy load of vinyl chips to sit just below the clear topcoat. 

Colorful Concrete Solutions Can Revitalize Your Business’s Concrete Floors With Polyaspartic Flooring

Colorful Concrete Solutions is your Milwaukee area go-to concrete coating company. We can make your concrete floors into stunning and durable centerpieces of your commercial space. Before you invest in other aspects of your business’s interior or exterior, be sure to take a good look at the concrete floors. You might find that they could use some serious sprucing up. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate on our polyaspartic flooring for your business.