Commercial Concrete Coating Milwaukee

Colorful Concrete Solutions offers concrete floor coating services for businesses throughout Milwaukee and the surrounding area. These coatings provide beauty and durability to your commercial space, along with slip resistance. We coat both interior and exterior concrete surfaces to address imperfections in older concrete and to enhance visual interest and grip to newer concrete. CCS commercial concrete coating options will improve your business’s aesthetic in a variety of ways. 

Two Choices: Polyaspartic Chips Or Polyaspartic Coating

One of the first choices you will make when you choose Colorful Concrete Solutions for your concrete coating is between adding Polyaspartic vinyl chips or allowing the Polyaspartic coating to shine through. 

Polyaspartic chips have several advantages. First, they provide a decorative, multi-color texture to the concrete floor, which can be quite striking. They are specially designed for use with epoxy, urethane, polyurea, and polyaspartic-based flooring, so you know they will be well suited to the floors of your commercial space if they are constructed with any of these materials. 

Adding chips to your coating results in a three-layer, three-step process (more on this below). However, these steps do not add much additional time to the drying process and indeed lead to a dynamic and appealing appearance. 

With just Polyaspartic coating that does not feature the vinyl chips, the tinted basecoat will show through the top layer of coating. If you are wanting a simpler look for your business, this option may be right for you. 

Polyaspartic Chip Sizing

If you do choose the Polyaspartic chip option, we have two sizing options to choose from: ¼” and 1/16”. Additionally, you can choose a blending of both sizes, which is the most popular option among our clients. The 1/16” option is a go-to choice for many retail settings as it provides a consistent and non-showy look. However, the blended option is definitely worth considering for your commercial space if you’re looking for something more dimensional and striking.  

Our Concrete Coating Process

Once you have made your choice about color, coating type, and chip size, we will prepare your indoor or outdoor space for the coating process. To prepare the area, we tape off all sections that are adjoining the work area but are not to be included. Similarly to preparing a room for painting, this step helps us avoid applying coating materials to unintended areas. 

Then, we prepare the concrete itself with a diamond grinder to remove surface cracks and other imperfections. Addressing these issues allows for an even coating application. After grinding, we repair all remaining problem areas. We then conduct a thorough cleaning of the entire area which additionally assists with successful coating application and adhesion. The Polyaspartic basecoat that provides UV resistance and a solid foundation to your concrete coating is then applied to the exposed concrete surface.  

If you have chosen the vinyl chip option, we broadcast a heavy layer of chips according to your color and size selections and allow time for the Polyaspartic base coat to set. Finally, the Polyaspartic topcoat is applied, which can be done in conjunction with an aggregate compound that further improves slip resistance.

During the initial dry time, we clean the area of any work debris or excess product so you can get back to work on other aspects of your business. Generally, your floors will begin to dry within 1-3 hours. They will be ready to walk on within 1-3 days and be fully cured and ready for heavy traffic in 1-2 weeks. 

Once complete, you’ll find that these floors are easy to clean and maintain with the addition of UV stability that fights discoloration. You can also enjoy the durability that guards against chipping, bubbling, and peeling over time. Our lifetime materials and one-year craftsmanship warranty back up these claims and ensure years of beautiful concrete flooring. 

Choose Colorful Concrete Solutions For Commercial Concrete Coating

Colorful Concrete Solutions can make your broken, cracked, pitted, stained, and aged concrete look brand new and more beautiful than ever. If your Milwaukee business features concrete floors, give us a call to inquire about adding Polyaspartic coating and Polyaspartic chips to improve safety, appearance, and vitality. These options are great for commercial establishments with heavy foot traffic, industrial equipment, display racks, and warehouse space that require strength and durability along with a beautiful appearance. Contact us today to learn more about what our commercial concrete coating services can do to improve the functionality and ambiance of your business.