Product Samples

Decorative stenciled concrete combines the durability of concrete with the distinctive architectural appeal of traditional brick or stone.

Decorative stenciling is stylish and incredibly versatile. Anything is possible with stencil patterns. Let your imagination be the only limitation. From company logos, decorative circles, designated walkways to residential and commercial area. There is equal versatility on driveways, garages, patios, pools and spas.

With a choice of 40 vibrant colors, 8 release agent colors, complemented by more than 25 quality stencil patterns, we believe it is the smartest choice for concrete related projects, due to its ease of application, versatility and cost effectiveness.

Strong, durable and economical.

Stenciled concretes’ superior performance and durability is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, and is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use.